At Quayside Electrical, we install a range of modern entertainment systems. From home cinemas to multi-room audio, our expert team of electricians will be able to transform your space. Our professional electricians have years of experience in the industry to bring the visions for your home to life. Create the perfect space for entertaining with the help of our electrical services.

We install a variety of electrical components that are able to handle the latest musical and visual systems. Our professional team work in both domestic and commercial properties, so we are used to a huge range of projects. Whether you are looking for a modern surround sound system to be installed or you want a projector fitted to watch your favourite movie, we have got you covered.

Take chilled evenings at home to the next level by installing an entertainment system. Not only will it improve your listening or viewing experience, but it is a great way to bring the whole family together. Host a movie night or party by levelling up the specifications of your space. By making a few simple changes to your current set up, you will be able to make the most of your entertaining space.

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Home Cinema

We can help you to create the perfect home cinema in your property. Enjoy the latest movie all from the comfort of your own home after we have installed your television or projector. Complete the whole experience by adding a modern surround sound system too. This is something that can easily be completed by a member of our team. Install a soundbar or sound base to enhance your experience.

Enjoy a cinema experience, all from the comfort of your own space. At Quayside, we can install a variety of entertainment systems from whatever brand you desire. From 4K Blu-ray systems to digital set up boxes, we are able to cover all bases. Get the best visual experience at home when installing a sophisticated entertainment system of your choice. We promise to provide a friendly, professional service.

In wall and ceiling speakers are the ideal way to create an immersive experience. Whether this is in your living room or you have a dedicated entertaining space, in built speakers will really bring the magic of the movie to life. As well as this, we are able to fit stand mount speakers as well as floor standing speakers, depending on your preference. See what we can do for your space today.


Host the perfect party by installing a new entertainment system. Multiroom audio will allow you to have a completely immersive experience, creating a fun atmosphere for you and your party guests. A lot of musical entertainment systems can even be operated from your mobile or another device, making changing tunes extremely simple! Adjust the volume of the music, all from your fingertips.

The latest musical entertainment systems can even be voice controlled, making your life that little easier. From any room in your property, you will be able to control the volume of the music and even which track you want to play next. We can install larger speaker systems as well as smaller, discrete inbuilt systems that are small and sleek in design. Whatever you desire, we will be able to help.

Combine visual and musical entertainment systems for the best experience in your home. By streamlining your entertainment system, you will be able to get rid of all those unnecessary wires and clutter. These days, many entertaining systems come with various functions integrated within them, saving you money and space. Having a multi-room control system will make your life easier.

Why Choose Quayside?

With decades of experience in the industry, we are able to install a variety of entertainment systems in your home. Our expert team promise to deliver a professional and attentive service in order to bring the visions for your home to life. It’s never been easier to transform your space with the help of our friendly electricians, who will listen to your requirements at every stage of the process.

As one of the leading electrical contractors in the South, we will deliver an unbeatable service. Working on a range of projects over the past few decades means we are able to turn our hands to almost any task. Place your trust in us to install the latest entertainment system of your choice.

Entertainment System Install Prices

Looking to fit an entertainment system in your space? Look no further than our team of expert electricians.

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